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Outreach Projects: Advocating for a Culture of Human Rights & Responsibilities

Human Rights Day (Dec 10) is celebrated annually across the globe. And, December Human Rights Month encourages greater awareness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.   First and foremost, Happy International Human Rights Day to Everyone and Everywhere. 12Petals Media Group   The focus objective of producing human rights advocacy projects ... Continue reading »

Treasuring “Freedom of Expression” Principle

“Every man who says frankly and fully what he thinks is so far doing a public service. We should be grateful to him for attacking most unsparingly our most cherished opinions.” John Stuart Mill [1] – On Liberty     Cherishing and Realizing Culture of Human Rights, Individual Liberty, Free Expression, and Free Media   Freedom of Expression [2] is, u ... Continue reading »

Cultivating a Culture of Human Rights and Responsibilities

The principles and modern universal concepts of human rights belong to everyone. For the realization, upholding, and protecting of all rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, compassion and persistent and great efforts are needed from many sources at all levels in every society.   Viewed from the perspective of a thoughtful n ... Continue reading »

Genocide and its relationship to Human Rights

Genocide is the deliberate and systematic eradication or mass killing of a group or large population identified by the perpetrators. It is the large- scale violation of human rights.   Source: 12Petals Media Group   Stopping/Preventing Genocide and Mass Atrocities Cherishing Cultural Diversity and Human Rights Principles   Our world is comprised o ... Continue reading »

Valuing Questions

---> English Version: Link   ورژن پارسی‌:  لينک     Artwork Credit: Graphic Designer/Artist: Anna Felisha OttImage Production By: 12Petals Media Group, Valuing Questions. 2013About 12Petals: 12Petals Media Group strives to be a union of visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, cinematographers, playwrights, social entrepreneurs and more, all coming t ... Continue reading »

“Freedom of Religion” and “Freedom from Religion”

You find “Freedom of Thought” explicit in Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights       The “Freedom of Religion” and “Freedom from Religion” are indeed linked to “Freedom of Thought”. They are principles associated with the individual liberty - the state of being free. Liberty is the value of an individual to cherish and enjoy var ... Continue reading »

کلیه حقوقها دراعلامیه جهانی حقوق بشرمهم و دارای ارزش یکسان میباشند.

   حقوق بشر را نمی توان تنها به موارد برجسته ای مانند کرامت انسانی یکسان ،شکنجه، برده داری، ابراز وجود آزاد ،آزادی بیان و غیره محدود نمود. فقر، آموزش و پرورش، مسکن، کار و بهداشت، همه نه تنها بر ما تاثیر دارند، بلکه بر انسانیت مشترک در سطح جهانی و در مقیاسی که قبلا هرگزتجربه نگردیده تاثیر خود را دارا میباشند. اینگونه حقوقها دراعلامیه جهانی حقوق بشر ... Continue reading »

All rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are regarded as equally important.

    The Universal Human Rights principles can not be confined only to “prominent and well publicized” themes such as equal dignity, torture, slavery, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and so on. Poverty, education, shelter, work, and health maladies all do not just have an effect on us, but they also have an effect on shared humanity at a ... Continue reading »

The Ethics of Culture of Human Rights: Emphasis on Equal Opportunity and Meritocracy

    “Favoritism”, “Cronyism”, and “Nepotism” are barriers to the culture of human rights cultivation.         In every modern society, ethical issues and ethical decision-making are among the major shared concerns. One of the most basic themes in ethics is fairness. On the concept of fairness and justice, philosopher Aristotle says, "Equals shou ... Continue reading »

No to Having Prisoners of Conscience

  Exercising Human Rights needs to be Protected. No to Having Prisoners of Conscience (See Note 1)   “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”     The detention of any prisoner of conscience by any system of government violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. All prisoners of conscience are essentially trying to exercise th ... Continue reading »

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