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Valuing Questions

---> English Version: Link   ورژن پارسی‌:  لينک     Artwork Credit: Graphic Designer/Artist: Anna Felisha OttImage Production By: 12Petals Media Group, Valuing Questions. 2013About 12Petals: 12Petals Media Group strives to be a union of visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, cinematographers, playwr ... Continue reading »

All rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are regarded as equally important.

    The Universal Human Rights principles can not be confined only to “prominent and well publicized” themes such as equal dignity, torture, slavery, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and so on. Poverty, education, shelter, work, and health maladies all do not just have an effect on us, but ... Continue reading »

The Ethics of Culture of Human Rights: Emphasis on Equal Opportunity and Meritocracy

    “Favoritism”, “Cronyism”, and “Nepotism” are barriers to the culture of human rights cultivation.         In every modern society, ethical issues and ethical decision-making are among the major shared concerns. One of the most basic themes in ethics is fairness. On the concept of fairness and ... Continue reading »

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