Yalda – what do you know about it?

Hi everyone, especially those of you who are a little out of touch with Iranian traditions.

Yalda is the first longer day in the year. A long long time ago, there lived an Iranian Astrologer called Jamasp. He was really good at maths. He wrote the future of Iranian history, and pretty much the world. It was he who told of the coming of a Sayaoshant or special people every two thousand years. These were periods that coincide with the precession of Equinox.

We Iranians have been around for so long that we have stories that have lasted many Ages. If you look at Parse or Persepolis you will see Bulls. That was the age of Taurus, and Spring Equinox or Nowruz happened in the constellation Taurus. Later in happened in Aries, and now we are at the close of Age of Pisces. The Age of Aquarius is upon us. Aquarius is all about social networks, and corporations.

Jesus Christ was the Sayaoshant of Pisces, and Jamasp wrote this. He worked out that at a particular time the planets will line up, and be very bright in the longest night of the year. Shabe Yalda comes from that. Iranians used to have huge bonfires and the word Yule means Logs, and so you get Yuletide.

Iran calendar calls this 30 Azar or 30 Sagittarius. The first of Day was regarded with awe. The Earth is pretty close to the Sun and it is moving really fast. The word Deity comes from it. The symbol for Saturn is the same as the cross. Pope Gregory decided to not have leap years for a while, and so they ended up on 25th instead of 22nd. Christmas is four days late.

There is a lot more on this. Would appreciate any input on this in the next few days. Let see how much we can dig up.

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