Watch Documentary ‘Before Summer Ends’ At MyFrenchFilmFestival

Launched on January 19th, the filmfest concept MyFrenchFilmFestival is an online collection of hand-selected films. For a month, users can pay individually to watch each entry or pay a flat fee for ten movies, but there’s a specific one we want to single out: Before Summer Ends.

Director Maryam Goormaghtigh was born in Switzerland, but her mother is Iranian. After taking Farsi lessons, she randomly encountered three individuals speaking Farsi in a bar in Paris, and initiated an agreement to begin filming them. Before Summer Ends is the four-year-long project that has resulted from this opportune meeting.

Although technically a documentary, the film is being especially praised for its arrangement as a fictional drama. “The film follows three expats living in Paris, as one of them, Arash, prepares to go back to Iran, because he is struggling to acclimate to Parisian culture.” His two friends want him to stay, convincing him to go on a road trip to the south of France and “…show him a side of the country he’s never seen.”

Uniquely experimental in its origin and design, Before Summer Ends is fit to be a special type of film from a filmmaker early in her career—and you don’t have to leave your house to see it!


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