Historic Nowruz Message By Tulsi Gabbard, Is Our Community Ready To Step-Up?

On this Nowruz, for the first time in the young history of the Iranian American community, a Presidential candidate is recognizing us with a New Year greeting and a message of peace.

While President Obama’s Nowruz messages were an honor and humbling, they were given as a sitting president and not as a candidate. For presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard to recognize the Iranian American community during the primaries is a meaningful first that is a testament to our community’s potential and growing impact on American politics.

About Tulsi Gabbard:

Congresswoman Gabbard (D-HI 2nd District) has been the singular most vocal candidate against intervention wars around the world, from Iran to Venezuela.

She is one of the first female combat veterans elected to Congress and is currently in her fourth term representing the 2nd Congressional district of Hawaii. Congresswoman Gabbard has served for over six years on the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Armed Services Committee and is an outspoken critic of regime change wars, the new Cold War and the nuclear arms race. She is a strong advocate for diplomacy and cooperation in international relations and adopting a stance of non-intervention towards Iran.

When it comes to speaking against war with Iran, there is no other candidate more credible on anti-war issues than Gabbard who served two tours of duty in Iraq and has a 15-year military service record. Given the current field of presidential candidates, she is the most qualified on foreign policy matters and a strong/credible voice against US wars of intervention.

As many of our readers have likely noticed, we have published quite a bit about her on The Iranian and as author Philip Giraldi put it, “she seems to be the ‘real thing,’ a genuine anti-war candidate determined to run on that platform and someone who is shaking up the establishment narrative”.

Our Community’s Political Clout:

In order to expand our influence and ensure that our civil rights are protected in the US, we need to continue growing our civic engagement and political participation. And as such, Congresswoman Gabbard’s campaign presents the Iranian American community with a wonderful opportunity.

Here’s how…

Gabbard along with all other DNC presidential hopefuls needs 65,000 individual donors to receive an invitation to the first Democratic National Committee debate in June. She is getting close, already 2/3 of the way towards reaching this important threshold of donors, but we Iranian-Americans have a rare and unique opportunity this Nowruz to be the community that pushes her across the finish line.

Simply said, we need as many people as possible to donate as little as just $1 to her campaign. Donations can be made on the following site >> https://tulsi.to/nowruz

(Important note: new rules allow Green Card holders to donate now)

The Time Is Now

At a time of heightened war-mongering and Iranophobia this is our opportunity to propel into the national debate a fearless candidate who will boldly speak against the military industrial complex, the selling of weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia and regime change wars. It’s also an opportunity for our community to flex its political muscle ?

Please join us in donating as little as $1 to https://tulsi.to/nowruz and getting the word out by sharing this article. We’re really excited at the prospect of posting a subsequent article celebrating our community as the driving force behind Tulsi Gabbard reaching 65,000+ donors. Let’s do this! Nowruz Pirooz everyone and many thanks for your support ✌?

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