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Splash to the past
Swimming and other photos from Abdan

April 28, 1999
The Iranian

Going to the swimming pool was one of the most exciting parts of life in Abadan -- that's before the revolution and the Iran-Iraq war. Oil company kids would play at Seh Goosh and Braim pools for much of the summer under the scorching hot sun.

These latest photos of Abadan include three photos (two old ones and one recent) which will bring back a lot of memories, mostly happy ones. But the recent photo shows the Seh Goosh pool damaged during the war. It's quite sad.

But you will notice that at the time the picture was taken, Seh Goosh was being repaired. And apparently it is now a sports complex. So that's some consolation.

These photos have been sent by Behnam Raihani, Vida Arjomand and Hamid Arjomand. Behnam's photos are from the mid and late 1970s. Vida's photos are from her last trip to Iran in 1994. And Hamid's photo is from around 1976. Send us your photos too... Go to first photo

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