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Iran offers rare glimpse into secret intelligence service - Middle East Israel News

Iran drew back the veil — if slightly — over its intelligence services on Wednesday, with its top nuclear security official crediting them for helping protect the Islamic Republic's atomic program from attempts at sabotage. In a first, Iran provided public information about the structure of its secr ... Continue reading »

Professors on food stamps: The shocking true story of academia in 2014

You’ve probably heard the old stereotypes about professors in their ivory tower lecturing about Kafka while clad in a tweed jacket. But for many professors today, the reality is quite different: being so poorly paid and treated, that they’re more likely to be found bargain-hunting at day-old bread s ... Continue reading »

ISIS Says It Is Reviving Slavery Of Women To Keep Men From Committing Adultery

ISIS Says It Is Reviving Slavery Of Women To Keep Men From Committing Adultery Your Post Has Been Launched! Fabulous! Don't forget to share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. 1. The extremist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group admits to and justifies the enslavement of hundreds of ... Continue reading »

All Those In Favor of Nuclear Technology Are Traitors & Enemies of Iran....According to the Islamic Republic!

  Presented for your consideration is a newspaper article--from the aptly named Islamic Republic newspaper-- from the year after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979. The title of the article is self-explanatory.  But for those who cannot read Persian, it says "nuclear power plants ... Continue reading »

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