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Invisible Umbrella Uses Air Instead Of Fabric To Keep You Dry When It Rains - Science News

October 22, 2014 Chuck Bednar for – Your Universe Online If you’re the kind of person that hates getting wet during a rainstorm but doesn’t want a large fabric dome covering your head, Chinese inventor Chuan Wang has the answer you’ve been waiting for: a new high-tech device that resemb ... Continue reading »

Junk and knockoffs: Iran's military weaponry panned, but regime still formidable, say experts

It's called "Rategh," which means “opener,” and is basically a civilian bus with armor plates, loudspeakers and a small plow to clear obstacles during urban protests. (War is Boring) Iran’s annual parade and commemoration of its 1980s war with Iraq featured the Islamic Republic’s most modern weaponr ... Continue reading »

Vladimir Putin Threatens US, Europe with Russia's 5,000 Nuclear Warheads

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has threatened the West with his country’s 5,000 nuclear warheads. Putin has raised the specter of nuclear war for the third time in the past two months as he and Western countries such as the United States clash over the Ukraine conflict, which has been bringing to ... Continue reading »

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