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June 4, 2001

Hail yeah!

Conservative candidate pays tribute to Persia's fathers

Shiraz, June 4, IRNA -- Abdollah Jasbi, a conservative candidate running with nine others in the June 8 presidential elections, paid a rare tribute to the fathers of Persia in this southern ancient city where the tomb of Cyrus the Great lies.

"Hail be on the land of Cyrus and Darius and all those who established great civilizations in this province and Iran," he said in a keynote speech at a sport stadium amid resounding cheers of the participants.

"Brave Jasbi, the Amir Kabir of the time," a group of the participants chanted, likening the conservative candidate to a famous Iranian chancellor who was slain by an slashed wrist in the 19th century.

Jasbi said that Iranians have become weary of "fruitless bickerings" among political factions and were demanding a peaceful environment state media reported here on Sunday.

"People demand employment, security and peace instead of political disputes and ornamental sloganeering. They want welfare and a society based on moral values," he said in a sport stadium in this southern ancient city.

He pledged to the resounding applause and cheering of the attendants in the stadium to scrap university entry exams, better known here as "concourse", in which a large number of Iranian youth have to vanquish their competitors to be accepted in a certain course of study.

Jasbi, who has started a stylish campaigning throughout Iran, including posters splashed with pictures of prominent figures of the world such as U.S. President George W. Bush, John Paul II and many others, said that he would carry out all his programs if elected as president.

He called for a cut in military draft, currently 21 month for Iranians, saying it forced the youth had to waste the best prime of their lives in military barracks.

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Flower delivery in Iran
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