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    March 16, 2001

It seems almost every day I get a call from one of the million phone companies out there trying to sell some new service. I don't even listen to their sales pitch anymore. I say "Not interested!" and hang up. End of story. But today, just by chance, I discovered a whole new tactic. Someone called from Verizon. I said, listen, I'm moving to California, so there's no point in offering me whatever. "Are you serious?" she said, "Wow! I hope you have a wonderful time there. Good luck." Hmmm. When I move to California next month, I'm sure I'll get similar calls. Instead of getting all pissed off, I'll just lie. "I'm moving to Australia. Yeah! Next week. You should've called earlier. I really wanted to benefit from your special two-dollars-a-minute calling rate to Iran."

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