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September 19, 2002

Saudis learning Persian (Nah to ro khodaa!)

This article was published in the English-language Iran daily in Tehran. (September11, 2002)


RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Sept. 10 -- Head of the Persian language departement of Riyadh's King Saud University, Abdollah Zabeti, said that the university has admitted a total of 110 students for its Persian language in the current academic year.

Zabeti noted that in the recent past, Saudi university students were more inclined to continue their studies in English language. "But now there is an equal number applicants for both Persian and English courses", he added.

The reason for the increasing demand for Persian courses as the expansion of Tehran-Riyadh ties and a better job market for graduates of Persian, he pointed out. "Courrently, there are 300 Persian language students at King Saud University", he added.

Zabeti pointed out that 40 Saudis have already graduated from Persian language course.

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