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November 17, 2004

Ah Tale

Dear Sirs,

We are proud to introduce you a new book titling : Ah Tale, 13 Iranian Folktales

Ah Tale is a collection of 13 Iranian folktales some of which had not been written before. Tone of the book is one of relaxed, enjoyable reading; and is appropriate for kids and young children aging between 9 to 15 years old. The book can be used by English students, too. The writer‚'s main aim (and her hope) is to introduce the Iranian oral literature to the world.

Farah Shilandari was born in 1965 in Iran. She studied English Translation in the university for 4 years. Translation is her main favorite and she takes joy and pride in translating children story books. In this regard, she has translated 3 books in the fields of family matters and training of children with special needs. She has also taken part in contributing articles to various well-known local magazines. Her hope for the future is to extend her work to the international territory.

Kind Regards,

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