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January 18, 2005

Michael Jackson's Iranian twins?

Michael's Twin Problem
Thu Jan 13, 6:15 PM ET
By Joal Ryan, E Online

Michael Jackson's stepping out with two new babes.

So goes the accusation of a Los Angeles woman who has renewed a paternity claim against the pop star in a new lawsuit. The complaint, by [Iranian-born] Sholeh [Salamipour] Bocchelli who says she gave birth to Jackson-fathered twin boys last Nov. 26, was made public Thursday by TV's The Insider.

The salacious headline hit as another broadcast outfit, ABC's Primetime Live, announced it had gleaned salacious details of its own from 1,900 pages of supposedly under-seal grand-jury testimony related to the ongoing Jackson child-molestation case.

All in all, not a great day at Neverland.

The paternity lawsuit alleges Jackson has possession of the newborn children, has denied the mother, Bocchelli, from seeing them, and has cut off the woman's $3,000 a month stipend.

"He [Jackson] initially was calling me every day, to advise me about their [the babies'] condition, but the calls stopped after New Year's," Bocchelli says in court papers, according to The Insider. "I need immediate access to my children."

It was last summer when reports first surfaced that Jackson was about to become the father of quadruplets by Bocchelli. The woman, then 35, told London's Sun she had become impregnated through invitro fertilization, and credited Jackson with an assist. Bocchelli said she originally had been expecting four babies, but had two of the fetuses aborted on the advice of a doctor. Bocchelli is said to be an actress, although she has no credits listed on A Google search doesn't turn up any, either >>> Full text

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