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Lights, tanks, action!


April 23, 3003
The Iranian

A sea of blood on the screen
No, that is The Shining
A cold killer's bio
That's Hitchcock's Psycho
The ultimate reality show

Mr. George Millionaire
Whom do you choose to murder?
Survivor and then Fear Factor
The Iraqi child's no actor

Swallowing pretzels needs a push
Coughing George W. Bush
Friend is enemy, enemy is friend
This bloody movie will never end

Pawns turning on the chess master
Checkmate with bombs is faster
Osama Ibn Laden
Operation Iraqi Liberation
Another successful operation!
Lights, tanks, action!

Cameraman please do not zoom
Get the bloody child out of the room
Presenting you with an Oscar
For the most real-looking warfare

Universe's director -- where is she?
God must be too far to see --
I have turned to a Clockwork Orange
This channel I can not change
I hate this movie a lot
When will director say cut?

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By Arash Emamzadeh




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