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Arash Monzavi-Kia @ArashMonzaviKia

Researcher of history in Toronto, Canada. First published book called FarsiNameh - summary of the Iranians chronicle from Persepolis to Jamaran.

Iran Seldom Misses a Chance to Miss a Chance for Compromise

  Nuclear proliferation has again placed Iran near the top of news; this time, supposedly good news. After 8 years of supporting the Ahmadi-Nejad belligerence, Iran’s theocratic leader has apparently switched to a more “flexible” position. The long debated question is, if this will be enough to secure a compromise.   The short answer is, no! Compr ... Continue reading »

Bush policy (let’s fight them) versus Obama (let them fight each other)

  The Islamic Republic of Iran has, by its own admission and actions, been at war with the United States for 34 years. Since the hostage taking of the US embassy in Tehran, 6 different US presidents have had to deal with the Iranian problem. Using different tactics, and at times looking dazed and blind-folded, the US has been searching for a way t ... Continue reading »

خریّت نه تنها علف خوردن است

  با گذشت ۳۴ سال از انقلاب اسلامی، یعنی‌ یک نسل سیاهی و تباهی و خونریزی، حالا با یک تلفن ۱۵ دقیقه ای، "پول نفت دوستان" حزب الهی و کمونیست دست به دست هم داده اند، تا بازگشت امپراطوری اسلامی را جشن بگیرند.   جشن بگیرید، که پس از ۳۴ سال یک رییس جمهور آمریکا به شما گفته "الو". جشن بگیرید، که پس از ۳۴ سال ارزش پول کشور ۴۰ هزار درصد افت کرده. تبریک که ا ... Continue reading »

Stick and Carrot Works

Let’s be honest with ourselves: some countries are more civilized and some less. If you ever get to drive a car in Iran, let alone try to live there in dignity, you will surely agree with me that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been less, if not one of the least in that department.   For that reason, the US policy of stick-and-carrot has been wor ... Continue reading »

After US, who will pay for the wars?

The United States has left Iraq, and plans to leave Afghanistan next year. However, the costly conflicts in both of those war-ridden countries will continue. Who will pay now?   The new Washington policy vis-à-vis Middle East is at arm’s length, rather than hands on. US has refused to participate in new wars, despite ample temptations (e.g. Libya, ... Continue reading »

Understanding Khomeini

  1.    Dominance of Shia Islam in Iran was Khomeini's number one priority.   2.    He hated Western (liberal) and Eastern (communist) influences.   3.    Detested the perceived power of the Baha’i and the Jews over Iranian politics.   4.    Decided that #1 could only be secured against #2 and #3 through an active political role by the Shia clergy ... Continue reading »

Holiday Prayer

Every morning, when I wake up, and every night, before falling asleep – I recite this prayer.   “In the name of god, the compassionate and merciful. Praise the lord of all worlds - the compassionate, the merciful - keeper of the day of reckoning. You alone we worship, and you alone we ask for help. Guide us on the straight path - the path of those ... Continue reading »