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Walking down the streets of Salamanca
My life is a book, and I am the author

October 29, 2002
The Iranian

It is coming on fall now, the time just changed, I love this season, here in Salamanca, on Spain's northern plateau, the leaves are all turning the beautiful colors of autumn and it makes me think about pumpkins and thanksgiving, and cool nights spent with friends and family.

My goal in coming here this year was above all to grow spiritually and emotionally, and also to improve my spanish. I really don't know how well I am realizing those goals, I can't really tell. However, I never really knew how much I had grown during my time in Mexico until I had gotten back to the U.S.

Time here seems to fly by. As I walk down the streets of Salamanca I try to always thank God for this and so many other opportunities that he has given me in my life. I really want to appreciate every moment and not take it for granted.

I must say that I have not been doing as well as I would like with either of my goals. I don't think as positively as I should, about the family and about the coldness I feel from strangers. But I have complete faith in the fact that I am meant to be here and there is something to learn from this and every experience.

My faith never falters about the certainty of belief in the power of the self. I know how I think about every situation can make or break it. I know that God has given me the power to do what I choose and I hope to always choose the path which will lead to the most internal growth.

What I have learned during the very short span of my life here on earth is that I don't really know anything except that my life is a book, and I am the author. Words of hate, disappointment, frustration, or pain, written on the canvas of my soul will do nothing but reflect in my life what I believe exists. And the reverse of that, love, is what I will experience if that is what I choose.

I strive in each moment to be silent to the many thoughts that continue to bombard my head. I think of the past, the future, the things that never were and never will be. But each day I try to quiet my thoughts, if only for a moment, in order to hear what my instinct has to say to me. To stop letting the circumstances of this world control what I do and say, and listen to the truth inside, for it is always right.

So, as I walk the stoney streets of Salamanca, gazing at structures built even before anyone knew of a place called America. I try to remember how timeless everything really is. How in the big scheme of things, my life is but a moment in eternity.

As I write, I am looking down on Plaza Mayor. It is the heart of the town, where everyone gathers to do absolutely nothing. You can find people there whether it's 2pm or 2am. It's the place to know and be known. There is a book festival going on now, there are many people strolling about, young and old. Noting how it is Sunday, and everything, I mean EVERYTHING, is closed, it's the place to be.

I will now go and join these wonderful Spainards, and continue on this European journey of mine and see where it will lead me.

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