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Precious moments


June 29, 2007


We are broken

In pieces we lay

Many worlds between us

Our hearts gone astray


Too many hurt feelings

Have left us scarred for good

We don't see eye to eye

Perhaps we never could


The hateful words we've uttered

Replay endlessly in our minds

How could we be so vicious?

Were we always this unkind?


I guess we all have our reasons

I know I have mine

It doesn't have to be this way

Fear can make you blind


As I reach for something greater

Than this shell of a human self

I sense the achy feeling

Reminding me how we're left

No glue to bring us together

Painful memories to keep us apart

Time will keep on ticking

While we stay in the dark


We miss the precious moments

Holding on to our pride and pain

Not sharing the joy and tears

Tell me, what is it that we gain?


I used to be so happy

With the trio that I had

Three perspectives to guide me

On life's perilous path


That is all scattered to the winds

Tattered connections remain

Each one in their own corner

No one strong enough to change


Ultimately life and death will go on

Whether we reconnect or not

We all lose from this separation

Not knowing what we've got


Nobody is perfect

We've all made our mistakes

When will it be time to rise above

The bitterness and blame?


I feel that we are broken

It pains me everyday

If we don't come together

We'll all regret it one day

Arezou Raeisghasem, Masters of Public Administration, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs.

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