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Here and there
Two poems

By Leyla Momeny
August 12, 1999
The Iranian

slick lights
and butterflies
carrying bus fulls
of neon peasants

smart people
married to dumb people
sharing toothpaste
laced with lemons.

Orange County
trailer trash
pulling out
of a four car garage.

banned books saturated
with patchouli oil
an Asian girl
flagging down her lover.

Los Angeles
intellectual falls asleep
wearing hush puppies.
last night's lipstick.

three girls
picking grapes.
barefeet smiling
a rolex breezes by.

swiss broccoli
above the sistine ceiling
whisper of my beginnings.

mother's tears
soak up
another generation
tell me who you are.


you know me
I'm the one
in the back
three lines down
past the girl with the turquoise compact
behind the loud anglo boy.

I've swallowed your lazy eyes,
I've seen your temper
jet past.
down the hall,
'round the sleazy escalator,
a new history is born.

now my desk has termites,
(too much leaning
in your direction).
three smiles down,
two lies to the left,
I see you--
the parasite.

no, I don't need a father figure
but you have a precious ass
& I sense there is more to see.

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