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Reconstructing dreams
Designs by A. Reza Rowhani

October 18, 1999
The Iranian

A. Reza Rowhani's art is electrifying. He cuts and alters images of what would ordinarily be considered desirable, sexy, tastey or just plain good. But the result is not sad or cynical as such. There's an immense amount of vitality and confidence in his work. Hopes and dreams are alive, only their meanings have changed.


Rowhani started photo collages back in 1981. After the introduction of Macintosh computers, he convinced himself to use digital tools for his art.

"Not to be too philosophical," he says, "for me it is a way to escape my deadline-driven reality. This work helps me relax, even though some of it, is border line insane. I have done over 250 projects, they are all at various stages, I have never considered any of them 'finished'. My dream is to be able to print all of them on day and have my own show."

Rowhani came to the U.S. in 1979 and studied business management and graphic design at Kent State University in Ohio. Kent's program was based on swiss design; very rigid and structured in their approach. He worked in Cleveland, Kent and Akron, Ohio, as a freelance designer while in school and shortly after graduation.

He began professional work at an ad agency / design studio when he moved to the west coast in 1986. He is currently working as an art director in Huntington Beach, California.

Rowhani has worked on numerous designs in the fields of entertainment, video, software packaging, fashion, foods, among others.

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