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Time for a vacation
Summer is almost here and we want to be there

Photographs by Mansour Sane'
May 8, 2000
The Iranian

It seems like no photographer's resume is complete without a series on Persepolis. These are from Mehr & Mah (1999, Daneshnameh Fars publishers) by Mansour Sane', whose earlier work on monuments and scenic points in Fars has also been featured in The Iranian.

Mehr & Mah has reached us at the right time. Summer is a few weeks away, we are more nostalgic than usual, and there aren't many things that remind us of home as powerfully as Persepolis.


Ever imagined living in Iran at the height of the Achamenid empire? What would you be doing? Would you feel proud, content, oppressed? Would you stay in Iran or emigrate to Greece? Hmmm...

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