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By Reza Razavi
November 22, 2000
The Iranian

My body aches as my mind goes sour

Have I managed to escape death?

My spirit wanders within my shell

Seeking for ways to flee

Hands tied to poles of steel

Below the waist, I am numb

Bones gone soft, my heart bleeds

I attempt to wiggle my toes

Desperately trying to regain sensation

No response from my worn-out nerves

Lightening strikes as thunder roars

Rain proceeds to rinse the blood

Which flows from the cracks within my cranium

All seems to be going wrong

In this never-ending realm of torture

I now realize all is gone and death is strong

I lay my head and pray for the pain to cease

I beg the lord for forgiveness

And to rest my soul at ease


As I close my eyes and pray for salvation

I feel a sudden rush of sensation

Which proceeds to surge through my toes as my neurons embrace

And fill the emptiness leftover by ignorance

The conquest of feeling catalyzed by my sudden movements

I am now able to shift my lower body

My reflexes command me to kick in all directions

Rose Mud flying to all corners of the fenced establishment

Hope shines yet once more within the confines of my aura

Though my physique weakened by the loss of blood

The rekindling of sensation strengthens my resolve


My subconscious has opened itself

Knowledge streaming into my brain

Dreams revealed, my senses revived

Anger channeled to vanquish the pain

Seeing in the dark all that had been invisible in bright lights

The gashes within my skull heal

As the cold rain now serves to soothe my wounds

The molecules within my skin embrace to form stronger bonds

While my fingers embrace to form fists of steel

Shattering the chain which connects me to the rusty pole

Nostrils flaring, I draw in the first complete breath of the night

Joints loosen up as I conquer the ground beneath

Standing erect, I feel no affliction

Only the desire to hunt and replenish

As the joy of freedom sails through my spirit

The darkness of vengeance conquers my heart


Introduced to clairvoyance

I am now aware of all that lurks around

Thoughts of beasts become apparent

Their dialect now manifest in my mind

Odors of the wild guide me

Equipped with the ability to converse with the seas

I summon the winds to my stead

The fence, an obstacle no more as I rive through steel

The mountains beckon me as I dash first on two

Gradually loping the plains on all fours

Ululations of the gray brotherhood

Coordinate locations within my mind

Yet locations within my heart

All desires guide me to roam along with my own kind


Raising my head, I gaze upon the silver mistress

Riding the storm, I seek my foes in the dead of night

Longing burns within my spirit

As I strive to avenge loved ones in a crowning fight

And there at the moment of my perceived demise

Antiphon voiced by the glorious earth

Revelations granted from beyond crimson skies

I relished in the true liberty of my rebirth

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