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Bi to mahtaab shabi...
In memory of Fereydoun Moshiri

October 24, 2000
The Iranian
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Fereydoun Moshiri's death as reported by Reuters:

TEHRAN, Oct 24 (Reuters) - Fereydoun Moshiri, one of Iran's most illustrious modern poets, died in Tehran at the age of 74, his friends said on Tuesday.

"Moshiri's verse was noble, sensual and full of love of life," Sadeq Samiee, a publisher and long-time friend, told Reuters.

Unlike many modern poets, who had fraternised with the Russian-backed communist movement in past times, Moshiri had remained nationalist and his epic verse flowed with romance.

"Moshiri suffered from anaemia and was taken to hospital on Monday with a fever, where he unfortunately passed away," Samiee said.

A former state employee, Moshiri was on the book committee of Iran's prestigious Ketabsara publishing house up to his death.

He developed a simple, free-flowing style based on the tightly-balanced rhymes of classical Persian poetry and unlike many of his left-leaning contemporaries did not infuse his poetry with sexual immodesties.

Poetry commands a wide audience in Iran, where sales of other books are comparatively small.


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 Flower delivery in Iran

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