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By Mersedeh Khozin
January 22, 2002
The Iranian


Tell me of a mother in Ghome,

who hanged herself in her room

with a blanket,

was she punch drunk?


Tell me of a student in Tehran,

who flung himself to death

from the tenth floor of a building,,

did his grip fumble with the loneliness up there?


Tell me of a hooded man in Mashad's streets

who picked out others of his own blood on a parade,

was his skin beginning

to turn with soltitude?


Tell me of a girl who wore red lipstick,

and returned home pregnant

from a prison cell,

has she been charged under the Immortality Act?


Tell me of a journalist,

who hanged himself in jail

with a piece of his torn pair of jeans.

was he hiding a pair of scissors in the cell?


Tell me my native land,

has the gruesome sight

of a mangled corpse

not begun to sit on your conscience?

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Fly to Iran

By Mersedeh Khozin

Should have done laundry
But started scribbling in my notebook

This is the stone


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