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June 13, 2002
The Iranian

I found this poem in the newsletter of my daughter's school.
-- Rassah's mom, Nahid

By Rassah Ostadhossaini, grade 4

Dreams should not have the answers told.
For if they are, they will die.

And if it dies it cannot rise.

And when the dream does not rise,
it dies and hides.

And when it hides it cannot fulfill
the hearts of many.

And when one does not have a full heart
it loses all hopes of childhood and

And childhood is only about dreams
and only dreams.
For a child without dreams is not possibly a child.

For even an adult without dreams cannot live a real true
peaceful and yet happy life.

And if someone was happy without a dream
that person could not accomplish any goals.

For a goal is a dream that must be worked for
and then accomplished.

For a goal without a dream or many dreams to accomplish
is not a real goal or anything to celebrate
when accomplished.

And that is why a life without a dream I could not
dare to live.

For I would rather die than have a dreamless life.
For a dreamless life is a useless life.

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