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My Angel in Heaven


By Brenda Jamalzadeh
August 6, 2003
The Iranian

I wrote this poem for my daughter who was tragically killed on a school trip. She was only 15-years old and was the most kindess, sweetest girl anyone would have had the pleasure of knowing.

Playing in the snow pure and white,
God called you in the darkness of the night,

You heard his gentle call,
You held out your little hand and left us all.

My beautiful daughter, such a delight,
You took everyone's heart in sight,

Part of us all went with you,
That day our hearts broke in two.

We don't know how long it will be.
Till your beautiful face we will see,

But until then our tears will flow,
Please know we love you so.

We miss your smile and cheeky grin,
Your laughter that put us in a spin,

We look back on all we used to do,
We then realise how much we miss you.

You were a sincere daughter and a true friend,
Your time you gave us to the end,

Dear Lord,

Look around your garden green.
See the sweetest Angel, our daughter Nasreen

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