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Moon's servant


By Reza Badei
August 6, 2003
The Iranian

This is my interpretation of a Persian poem by Rumi.. None of the modifications are meant to disrespect or offend Rumi or any one else.

I'm the Moon's servant, aside from the Moon don't say a thing
When beside me, aside from the words of Candle & Sugar (Wine), don't say a thing
Don't converse of pain & anguish, aside from Love's treasure, don't say a thing
And from this un received news don't suffer or say a thing
Last night I went insane, then Love saw me and said:
"I have arrived, Don't scream and rip your garment, don't say a thing"
I said: "Oh Love, I'm scared of something else!"
Love said: "Something else is not that Thing! don't say a thing"
I have whispered secret words in your ear, just shake your head in acknowledgement sign & don't say a thing
I said: "Is this face of an Angle? I'm astonished! or is it a face of a Human?"
Love said: "This is beyond Angle & Human... don't say a thing"
I said: "What is it then? Say it or I'll go mad..."
Love Said: "Just be... and from this 'Mad deal' don't say a thing"
Oh! You my friend who's sitting in your Abstract house of dreams
Stand Up, Run away from this house while taking your garment too & don't say a thing
I'm the Servant of the Moon and aside from the Moon don't say
When beside me, aside from the words of Candle & Sugar (Wine) don't say a thing...

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