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By Mona Romezi
February 6, 2003
The Iranian

(A Persian college student laments about her American ex-boyfriend)

When will I forget
When will I forget how you looked and felt
How you looked at me, and I could see, that you saw me

As your exotic, erotic, enticing, inviting

When will I forget that night
Oon shab that I cried in your arms
When I told you, what I had told no one
When I opened my being, my heart, my self
When I let you go everywhere; my physical, my emotional

When will I forget that look, that needed no words
That I thought said, I'm yours alone

Aay dard, dard meekoneh (oh the pain)

When will I forget your side of my bed
Your legs keeping my cold feet warm and safe
Your arm cushioning my neck
Your arms, your arms, your hands

Aay Khodaa komak (oh God, help)

When will I forget that space between your pecks
That my cheeks fit into so well, during those cold
days that I took solace in your embrace

When will I forget how you said, "azeezam"?

Aay faraamoush, zootaar
Aay Khodaa komak

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