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The gangs of Tehran

By A. Bani
July 26, 2003
The Iranian

No my dear
Don't you listen
Don't you be fooled
The mobs on the street
The Student and the Hezbollah
The gangs of Tehran
Are all the same

Class struggle?
Godly purity?
Islamic devotion?
Ethnic rights?
Nationalist pride?
Secular rule?
Democratic government?

Give me a break
Been there
Done it
When we supported the CIA coup for the Soviets
When we scaled the US-embassy wall in Tehran
When we walked on mines for Khomeini in Shalam-cheh
When we burnt ourselves for Maryam in Paris

Don't look at their colors
Dig the language
Without a horn
Without a tail
"Aqab-mandegi" par excellence

You wait
When "we" come to power
The leader will be on front page
Half nude, with bullet holes
The deviant shall be lifted by the crane
And Akhunds will fly from the lampposts
"Tosari" for women, "bi-hejab" or "ba-hejab"

No my dear
The Student and the Hezbollah
The gangs of Tehran
Are all the same

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