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By Arash Daneshzadeh
July 26, 2003
The Iranian

In the midst of my heartache
I found myself a recollection
That you were here, two figures stand
Joined hand in hand
And in the midst of my love
You understand that I must leave this house
In the morning, our lone candle no more
While tonight, I kiss the boulders
Signaling me beneath your shoulders.

In the morning
Love climbs steps to the Sun
Where the lightower
Makes it easier
To find others like us
In ruin
Looking to find a ripe cherry mind
A Soul to confide the spirits of the world
In this carousel
Called momentary delight.

And all this, entirely,
if you take love to the moon tonight
A round trip ticket to the sun
Lighted by the desperate gates
of your shipwrecked soul
Where this traveler can sleep
And sleep -
Over your sea of honey lips,
Soak in the wineglass of your eyes
Making music from the violins in your hair
The following night. I promise I'll even have the rain
And the rain falls

As you breathe,
As you dream, and I dream
With the peace of guitar
I know "you can't step in the same river twice"
If you'll take my love to the moon on this wounded,
blazing night.


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By Arash Daneshzadeh




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