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Persian Battle Scene, 2003
67" x 60", Coffee stains, saffron, acrylic,
and gouache on paper
Artist's Collection, New York

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Of fondness & pain

Negar Ahkami
December 5, 2004

Merging her Iranian influences of electric color and rhythmic, framed, symbolist narratives with her Western influences of pop, Orientalist, post-impressionist, and medieval art -- helps Negar Ahkami reconcile her fondness for Persian culture with brutal events in Iran and the painful stereotypes of Iran in American media to which she has been exposed. Negar's unification of these sources suggests a relationship, complicating prevalent American (and art historical) notions of an isolated "Islamic World."  The visual cacophony in her work echoes the distinct voice of first generation American experience. Negar's spontaneous process, whereby imagery reveals itself to her from wet gesso and coffee stains, results in a psychological, intuitive dialogue with Persian painting >>> Bio at

Negar Ahkami's work will be on display at an Open Studio for New York's School of Visual Arts' Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) program, where she is currently enrolled. Like all the other MFA students at SVA, Negar is opening her studio to the public for 2  days, during these hours: December 17 & 18, 2004. Reception: Friday, December 17, 5 - 9 pm. Exhibition: Saturday, December 18, 12 - 8 pm. Studios: 141 West 21st Street in Manhattan, 8th & 9th Floors, Studio #921.

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