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Infected love
(Lover in despair)

December 31 2005


You’ve infected me with your thoughts.

Caused me to feel sickness

And distress.

Strayed me from life’s goods.

Confined me with negative,

Malice and lewd acts.

As I try to rupture this mirage of


I hear your voice--

Lover in despair-

And it brings me right back.

To a place where-

The only mirror is your face.

Your mind,

Your soul,

And your heart-

that is full of my blood’s tears-

Of despair and agony.

You’ve diseased me.

Teased me of faith then betrayed me.

With a callous manner-

Your virus spreads within me.

No cure is of mind

No hospital lies in my defense

No doctor to manifest

Absconder of my health,

A fugitive of your broken world

I linger back and forth-

Between your heart and my mind.

You’ve injected this addiction

Of apathy for

That even the most evocative

reality, is diminished.

No momentous of love’s

Eloquence lies in your paradox-

No wish’s aspirations will prosper

In a place where no sun shines-

No rain encourages life -

And no soil to fertilize

The seed of fluffiness.

I call this Infected love.

Infected because it’s intrusive,

Evasive and obstructive to my mind-

It’s a trickery fond of hearts-

that feels my sorrow

With the words of tomorrow-

I cry ...

leave me alone with these hasty thoughts,

Leave me alone with all this doubt,

Stop these worthless tears

Allow my heart to beat again-

And not be still.

Let my world offer its heaven.

Than I realize!

Is it imminent pretense?

Now borrowed?

Leaves me to discover ...

What I conclude of this assessment-

Let it be no judgment-

Heed my accepted wisdom--

 In the end, I know it’s my individual

A Kin to your magnet force.

I create what I feel.

Emotions that arise-

I can only state

truly in my hands,

and in my head

that cause this physical torture.

So, after all—

After all, the pain and suffering,

I realize it’s inside me.

No blame to my foe,

No escaping this limitation-

A simple feebleness--

That allows this infected love.


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