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The walls


Mehran Makki
February 2, 2005

Sad and cruel
Cold and hard
Separates you
From the world, from the life
From love and from hate
From humanity or otherwise
From worship of God
Some times like a bird
Some times like a lion
No body asks nobody cares
Nobody asks why, as long as he is not in
Some time visible mostly invisible
Build for us and build by us
You can touch it you can feel it but you can not break it
It is the rolls; it is the Law, must be here and must be there
For the rich, for the poor,
And in the end it takes your breath, it takes your life
And still more walls, with a ceiling this time
The walls of eternity, the walls of resurrection
But a small difference,
Wall of equality, wall of peace
Still a wall
Sad and cruel
Cold and hard

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