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Do you know how old I am?



Hedieh Sajadi
November 12, 2005

I am as old as God
nesting in a broken heart
I am as old as Creation
that never ending passion

I am as old as the Sun
painting the colors of day
I am as old as a soul
that makes love to the clay

I am as old as rain
kissing the lips of the earth
I am as old as Spring
with blossoms everywhere

I am as old as a rock
in the depth of the ocean
I am as old as a tree
deep rooted and... all green

I am as old as memory
in the pages of time
I am as old as beauty
hidden in the face of life

I am as old as stars
twinkling in the night
I am as old as silence
on the lips of loneliness

I am so old ... as old as temptation
I am an old passion
I am as old as fire
I am an old desire

But most and above all
I am as old as Love
I am as old as Love

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