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    Shirindokht Radi

    In the ring
    Pulling no punches even in the face of defeat

    December 30, 1998
    The Iranian

    Domal ("The Abscess") is a collection of nine highly-charged short stories and novellas in Persian by Shirindokht Radi (1998 Khorshid Publishing, San Jose, CA). Many deal with issues facing Iranian women under strict Islamic rules and traditions.

    Unlike what you would expect from an Iranian author, Radi does not hide behind symbols. There are no veiled references; Radi's descriptions of characters and incidents do not tax your imagination. Her engaging style makes the reader think and take sides. She takes you with her into the ring even when defeat is certain; what's more important is the fight itself.

    The following pages are from a chapter titled Aasemaan-haaye doordast ("Faraway skies"): ... Go to page one

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