Classical Persian Dance instructional video

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. "€¬‘γυ  ω’χώ€¨ φ‘χ₯" ₯
–χ¨ …€ ψ €‘σ’ ‚  ωψ‘σγ“) €‘σ’ ‚ˆ ύ‘ϊ“ ω“ ’‘—ξ φώ
:–¨ ωώϊ— ρ“‘μ ˜€υψώξ –€‘ͺ—χ ₯ (–¨• ωχώ₯ϋ

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:’ώ€ώπ“ §‘υ— ρώυώ φώ ‘“ €—ͺώ“ –‘δ‘σ― ύ€“

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