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Cover story

Monica & Bill
Photos in memory of the Lewinsky affair

Photographs by Jahanshah Javid
March 1, 1999
The Iranian

People in Iran, along with the rest of the world, heard all about what Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton did. They thought for a moment. Then they laughed and laughed.


Mountains of reports and commentaries have made it more difficult to put together a clear picture of this affair. But it all started here: there was a man, there was a woman, there was an attraction and they did what human beings do when they are attracted to each other. The rest is, well, a matter of opinion. You can analyze it to death. But Clinton could have done much worse. Some guy on the radio said it best: "Clinton stained Monica's dress but Nixon stained the Constitution."


My TV is on for much of the day. After I wake up around 8 and click my computer out of sleep, I turn on the radio for a couple of hours. Then I turn on the TV. But I only hear the sound because I have my back to it as I work on the computer. For the past few months all I've heard have been "Monica Lewinsky", "President Clinton", "Sexual relations", "The White House", "Republicans", "Impeachment", "CNN" and a few other sounds.


The impeachment trial finally came to an end last month. And I was all prepared to document it. I took out my Sony digital camera and snapped away. Years from now, I will look at these pictures and remember the sounds that filled my room.

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