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    Beshno az ney...
    Badri Tarvij's cries of love, loneliness and life in exile

    October 8, 1998
    The Iranian

    Selections from Beh jormi keh zan shodam
    (For the crime of being a woman)

    Poems by Badri Tarvij, 1996
    U.S. distributor telephone: 718-837-1045

    There's an abundance of pain and sorrow in most of Badri Tarvij's poems which leave the reader quite distressed. But what makes them bearable, and often deeply satisfying, is her incredibly skillful but modest delivery of simple truths in beautiful verse.

    Tarvij is already known among literary circles as an accomplished poet. She received great attention in the early 1970's as her poems began to appear regularly in the daily Ettela'at and other publications in Iran. Her first collected works, Haleh, appeared in 1975 and established her position as one of the country's most talented poets.

    Beh jormi keh zan shodam is her second book which mostly includes poems written since her move to the U.S. some 20 years ago. Here's a selection: (in Persian)

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