Selected Words

"Selected Words"; Vinyl letterings; Each pannel 10'H x 5'W; ©1993 Seyed Alavi

"Selected Words" is a public art project which was the result of a collaboration with a group of five students from Sir Francis Drake High School, Bay Area, California.

In this piece, all aspects of form, content, and context grew out of a dialogue between the students and myself.The project consisted of reproducing seven quotations relating to the themes of knowledge, thinking and learning on the windows of the San Rafael Public Library.

We approached each quotation as an individual design element, manipulating the form and shape of the letters in order to emphasize certain aspects of the quotation's content in a poetic way, while making the viewer more aware of the very act and process of reading. In this way, we sought to create a work which is multivalent; which exposes several layers of meaning and reference at a time. Seyed Alavi

* Rememberance

* Garden of Secrets

* Where is Fairfield?

* Selected Words

* Here

* Forgotten Language

* Words by Roads

* There Is No Place Like Here


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