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    Cover Story

    The nice artist
    A young artist who's talented AND pleasant

    Sept 28, 1998
    The Iranian

    There's a lot of truth in the popular impression that artists are an unusual lot. They are also often seen as be bad tempered, frequently depressed and arrogant. I saw none of that when I met Behnam Farahpour last month. He was as pleasant as can be, smiling, and modest about his talent.

    But he has plenty of time to change, I guess. He's not even 20-years old yet. He is majoring in Design in his first year at Pittsburg's Carnegie Mellon University, one of the top fine arts programs in the U.S.

    While still in high school in Bethesda, Maryland, Behnam's works were displayed in a number of art shows. Here are some of his best:

    Click on images to see larger paintings:


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