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    Cover Story

    "Yellow Curtain"

    Out of the blue
    Discovering paintings by Manoucher Yektai

    Sept 7, 1998
    The Irnaian

    A few weeks ago I was at an Iranian street festival in New York. It was the first ever held there, and it showed. Thousands showed up , but there weren't many booths offering any services.

    As I was looking through the books on a table, I came across a thin booklet, Manoucher Yektai; Paintings 1951-1997 ( 1998 Guild Hall Museum, New York).

    I had never heard of Yektai's name and certainly knew nothing about his art. I glanced through the selected paintings and was immediately struck by their richness and maturity. I had no doubt in my mind that Yektai is not just an excellent Iranian artist, but among the very best in the world.

    Click on images to see larger paintings

    From Manoucher Yektai; Paintings 1951-1997
    Published by Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, Inc. New York.
    Copyright Manoucher Yektai


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