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For our own good


March 9, 2006

On March the 8th, 2006,
I look at my painting that shows
a sad mermaid caged in closed jar
on an island, off the sea's depth
"for her own good," "for her own good."

On International Women's Day,
I look at that ribbon that says
"for your own good," "for your own good"
nailed on the jar' lid as a flag
of God's orders, religious courts,
brute dictators' rule by decree
fathers, brothers, husband's control
oppressive customs that murder,
honour-killing, hymen exam,
old habits that bruise the soul
selling females, forced marriages
backward bride's price or Mehrieh
and other sexist practices.

On International Women's Day,
in the Dog year 2006,
I'm not sure I'd like to honour
selfish achievements of women
who co-opt feminist questions
by minding the postmodern fad
that says women do their own thing
or define their own chosen truths
when I know that in reality
most women of this befouled Earth
remain mermaids in choking jars
"for their own good," "for their own good."

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