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Abdolkarim Soroush

(Updated July 3, 1997)

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Media coverage

Democracy vs. The Ayatollahs
TIME magazine article (June 1997)


Opening, NOT closing universities
An interview with Soroush (English) (Persian)(Reza F. Bourghani


In New York: "We need to use reason"
Soroush's moral support for Sarkuhi
Observations and comments on lecture in Portland, Oregon
On Islam and Freedom in Seattle
On Soroush's lecture in Oakland, California
On Molavi (Rumi) in Houston
On lecture at UCLA


C. Butterworth: Soroush IS in sympathy with Islamists
S. F. Alyasan: Adapting religion
M. Faani: Avoid Absolutism
B. Jahromi: He was wrong. But so what?
N.B. Fazel: What's all the fuss?
M. Sadeghi-Tehrani: Unjust crediting & association
F. Mansouri: A "challenege" to Dr. Soroush


* For the Flower of Freedom
An open letter to the Iranian foreign minister -- in Persian and English translation.

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