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Throwing Acid on People is Un-Islamic or Protesting Such Acts? --- Fereshteh Ghazi ::

A photographer working for the government ISNA student news agency was arrested after his photographs of people who were protesting the recent acid attacks were published by the news agency. No news about his whereabouts or condition has been released. Mahdie Golroo, a civil and women’s rights activ ... Continue reading »

UN High Commissioner, concerned about imprisoned Iranian journalist, Heshmat Tabarzadi, assures of taking appropriate steps

PRESS RELEASE Human Rights Committee - Iran Democratic Front:    In response to three petitions signed by 1000′s of signatories, including hundrdes of well recognized Iranian and other human rights, civil and political activists  and organizations , academics and artists demanding the release of th ... Continue reading »

Tom Elliott interview with self-proclaimed Islamic State leader Omar al Shishani via skype

Tom Elliott via Skype this afternoon. In what listeners described as a "chilling" and "frightening" interview, Omar Shishani told 3AW Drive he would stop at nothing. "We will push them all the way to Tehran. When we are finished ... we will come to Iran," he said. He claimed that Khaled Sharrouf, wh ... Continue reading »

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