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15 Years After the Iran Student Uprising; Crackdowns Remain Unaccountable

On July 9th 2014, more than 50 Iranian political prisoners gathered in GoharDasht prison in Karaj city of Tehran and commemorated the 15th anniversary of the Iran's historic student uprising. July 9th, is the day we acknowledge the anniversary of the student uprising in Iran every year. On July 9 19 ... Continue reading »

Tehran storm

با بی‌ مدیرییتی رژیم و بی‌ توجهی‌ به وضعیت محیط زیست در ایران و خشک کردن رودها و دریاچه‌ها ، ایران بیشتر و بیشتر با مسائل محیط زیست و طوفانهای شن و خشکسالی و غیره مواجه خواهد شد ... Continue reading »

Remaining Evin prisoners brought back from solitary confinement, Tabarzadi and 11 others end hunger strike | جبهه‌ دموکراتیک ایران – برون مرزی ...

Iran Democratic Front (abroad) : After 2 weeks of continuing hunger strikes and pressure by the family of the political prisoners, the Iranian and international activists and organization and the people around the world, the regime in Iran brought the remaining prisoners who were kept in the solitar ... Continue reading »

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