These are the most read articles in the last seven issues of The Iranian.


THE IRANIAN, Issue No. 7
October/November 1996


  1. The New Iranians
    J. Javid: Iranians on the Net are tolerant, positive, open-minded.
  2. Those (Pesky) Persian Women!
    Gelareh Abedi: If a woman asks you, "Are you Persian?" RUN!
  3. Internet traffic in Iran (Persian)
    A list of the most and least active Internet users.
  4. Damavand
    Nasrollah Kasraian's photos of the graceful mountain.
  5. Iranian-Americans: A Political Survey
    Sussan Tahmasebi's survey on Iranian immigrants' views on U.S. politics.
  6. Reintroducing the wheel
    Ahmad Sadri writes on a possible "breakthrough" for the "Islamic civilization".
  7. Are you listening to me?! [Persian text | English text]
    Neda Bojnourdi on why haven't we learned to listen.
  8. Googoosh II
    More Googoosh by popular demand.
  9. Olympic champions (Persian)
    Ali Rahbar interviews Olympic wrestling champions.
  10. Homosexuals
    dAyi Hamid expounding on same-sex relationships.
  11. This is my journey
    Editor of Second Generation explains why she quit and why she'll be back.
  12. Truth as art
    The works of Ardeshir Mohassess; the greatest living Iranian artist.
  13. Learnin' Persian
    Software products to help expatriate children learn Persian.
  14. Zoroastrian divorce
    Jenny Rose traces ancient and modern Zoroastrian divorce practices.
  15. Pesar-e Darya (Aqua Boy)
    Behrouz Bahmani interviews this Kourosh the Great who is definitely not asleep!
  16. Iranians in Japan
    Morteza Mousavi on What Iranians are up to in the Land of the Sun.
  17. Vacation: American style
    Bahar Jaberi takes a break in Westport, Washington, a tiny coastal town.
  18. Sabt-e ma (Persian)
    An interview with the editor of Encycolpedia Iranica, Dr. Ehsan Yarshater.


THE IRANIAN, Issue No. 6
July/August 1996


  1. Internet in Iran
    A complete survey by Payman Arabshahi.
  2. Figuring you out
    An analysis of our readership survey by J. Javid.
  3. Changing times, changing roles
    Bahar Jaberi on Iranian women in Iran vs. in the U.S.
  4. Being a woman in Iran
    Prof. Azar Nafici's interview on the lives of young women in Iran.
  5. Persian NOT Farsi
    Ali Parandeh's piece has caused a small riot.
  6. Panbeh
    J. Javid's adventure with a puppy in Tehran.
  7. Akhar-e Zaman, Akhar-e Donya (Persian)
    Hossein Tavakoli's look at the "Gay Pride" parade.
  8. Speaking of rights
    Dr. Abdolkarim Soroush speaks to a British reporter.
  9. Moa'del-yabi Vazhehay-e Biganeh (Persian)
    Finding replacements for alien (European) words.
  10. Ashpazi Shah Abbasi (Persian)
    Safavid Royal chef prays and then reveals a few of his secret recipes.
  11. For a man of honor
    Hooshyar Naraghi on a recognition for Takhti.
  12. 25 milyoon dolar aslaheh baraye koja?! (Persian)
    "Towfiq" editorial in 1947 against arms purchases from the U.S.
  13. Another look at Rushdie
    Ahmad Sadri offers some insightful explanations.
  14. Andar Qayaya-ye Adamha-ye Khorafati (Persian)
    Nader Davoodi on human superstitions.
  15. Model Prison
    Mohammad Tehrani on a successful prison reform project in Mashhad.
  16. Life saver
    To save a victim, New Yorkers look to God and an Iranian doctor.
  17. Broadcasting Pioneers
    All-English radio programming for Iranians airs in Kansas City.
  18. Eqbal
    Behrouz Bahmani's story on the horse the Shah could not have.


THE IRANIAN, Issue No. 5
May/June 1996


  1. Yahoo, Darvish! (Persian)
    Hossein Tavakoli visits a Khaneqah in a gay neighborhood of New York.
  2. "Dole" means what in Persian?
    A fake news story makes headlines in the U.S.
  3. Merci Chelsea!
    The Clintons attend an Iranian cultural event.
  4. Sharhe Hal
    An autobiography by Dr. Ehsan Yarshater, editor of Encyclopedia Iranica
  5. Ghalat Kardi! (Over my dead body)
    A lecture by an ex-prince at UCLA draws crowds.
  6. Googoosh Online!
    A couple of tunes for old times' sake.
  7. Conspiracy Theories and the Persian Mind
    Dr. Ahmad Ashraf on the our habit of blaming everything on others.
  8. The Best Magazine on Earth
    There are many good magazines. This one tops the list.
  9. PMS: Misconceptions, Culture, Facts, Symptoms and Relief
    Facts and advice about a taboo subject.
  10. Identity Crisis: Who Am I? (Part II)
    Bahar Jaberi on learning what it means to be Iranian in America.
  11. Internet to the Rescue!
    Vahid Rahbari on how the Internet will revitalize Iranians.
  12. Helping the Helpless
    Iranian volunteers rescue refugees.
  13. Coming to America
    An Iranian girl's first visit to the U.S. Does it mean anything?
  14. Humor in Unhumorous Times
    Cartoons from Iran's best satirical magazine.
  15. Cool Drivers
    Behrouz Bahmani's snap shots of Iranian car license plates.
  16. Poetic Persia
    Kayvon Behpour exhibits his photographs.
  17. Sizdah Bedar...Los Gatos, California
    Behrouz Bahmani on thousands of Iranians gathering in one park.

THE IRANIAN, Issue No. 4
March/April 1996


  1. Fouzouli?!
    Editorial on political and religious respect.
  2. Ashpazbashi (The Soup Guy)
    J. Javid on Seinfeld and David Letterman bringing fame to an Iranian soupmaker.
  3. Iran's Power Structure
    Dr. Hooshang Amirahmadi's view of who rules Iran and how.
  4. Har Ayb keh Hast dar Mosalmani Mast (Persian)
    Masoud Behnoud's reply to an opponent of free speech.
  5. From Mount Alborz to the Golden Gate (Persian)
    Nima Behnoud's journey.
  6. "Most Popular" Iranians
    Iranians online vote for their favorite characters in history.
  7. Dokhtar khanom! Movazeb bashid! (Persian)
    Iranian female courtship manners as recommended in 1954. Outrageous!
  8. Bebakhshid, shoma Irani hastid...? (Persian)
    Hossein Tavakoli on twisted first impressions among Iranians themselves.
  9. Qeseye Qatle Ketab (Persian)
    A. Sahameddin on book bans and publishing delays in Iran.
  10. Ma'roufi dar Dadgah (Persian)
    One of Iran's prominent writers fights sentence.
  11. Alive and Kicking
    20 paintings from 20 Iranian women. Amazing stuff.

THE IRANIAN, Issue No. 3
Jan./Feb. 1996

  1. For the Flower of Freedom
    An open letter from Islamic reformist Dr. Abdolkarim Soroush.
  2. Open Wounds
    An interview with former U.S. National Security Adviser, Gary Sick.
  3. "Banned" and "Freed" Names (Persian)
    Iranian names you can and cannot put on your children -- officially.
  4. Ghalam dar Ghalaf (Persian)
    Masoud Behnoud on Iranian journalism.
  5. Searching for Us
    An Hungarian community who believe they are of Iranian origin.
  6. Shomal: The Pleasant Reality
    An American tourist sees only green in Iran's Caspian region.
  7. Areh Joone Ammat
    Remembering James Bond in Iran.
  8. From Political Islam to Secular Nationalism
    Dr. Hooshang Amirahmadi believes nationalism in Iran is on the rise.
  9. Esm man Mostaz'af (Persian)
    D. Paknezhad has a problem with banned names.
  10. Why Change a Name
    dAyi Hamid is baffled by those who Westernize their Iranian names.

THE IRANIAN, Issue No. 2
Nov./Dec. 1995

  1. The Good Old Days...
    Editor's Note on his hometown (Abadan) and politics.
  2. Masoud Behnoud: Between Extremes
    Interview with Iran's premier political analyst.
  3. Our Boy; their Prisoner of War
    Iranian soldier recalls harsh Iraqi war camp.
  4. Whatever Happened to Ali Parvin?
    National football star is banned from coaching.
  5. Hazrate Fil
    On the possibilities of creating an Iranian Life magazine.
  6. ...Who *@!*# CARES!
    E. Malekzadeh on the virtues of the Iranian newsgroup, SCI.
  7. Writings on the Wall
    Eye-catching snap shots from Tehran.
  8. tArof bi tArof
    dAyi Hamid has forgotten Iranian manners.
  9. Whitney and Turkish TV
    Life's little joys in Tehran.
  10. Like Mother Like Daughter
    Gizella and Samira Sinai on their artistic endeavors in Tehran and Budapest.


THE IRANIAN, Issue No. 1
Sept./Oct. 1995

  1. Satanic.Culture.Iranian?
    Harvard student gets booted for "sabotaging" SCI.
  2. Can't Touch This... Can't do That...
    Paranoid computer-age moral dilemmas.
  3. U.S. Sanctions Against Iran: A Break for Information
    Official U.S. statement on exchange of information between Iran/U.S.
  4. An American in Iran
    S. Shaffer's first article about a rare visit by an American to Iran.
  5. In the Name of the Internet
    Editor's Note on the launch of The Iranian.
  6. Cyber Playland
    Popular children's computer center in Washington D.C. created by an Iranian.
  7. To be or Not To be Iranian
    I'm not Iranian. I'm from the south of France.
  8. Winning Again, on Their Turf
    Iranian senior citizen a champion in Virginia.
  9. Center for Persian Culture
    Mani Farhadi's proposal for an Iranian center in Boston.
  10. The Past in the Present
    Farah Osouli's modern miniature paintings.

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