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Letter from America

An email written by Sheila Mostafavi, 13, of Laguna Hills, California, in response to an email from Mahdiyeh Javid, 14, from Tehran, asking for pen pals.

Dear Mahdiyeh,

Hi, how's it going in Iran? I haven't been there for over two years! I think you may want to know who I am, how old,what school, etc.

My name is Sheila. I'm 13 years old. I go to Aliso Viejo Middle School, and I'm in seventh grade. My favorite types of music is alternative rock, and my fave bands are Hole, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and Garbage. From Hole, I like the songs "Violet", "Miss World", "Softer Softest", "Doll Parts", and "Goldust Woman". From Nirvana, I like"Smells like Teen Spirit", "All Apologies", "Come as you are", "Lithium" and "Heart Shaped Box".

My situation is the opposite of yours. My mom lives in Iran, but I live here with my dad. It's okay, I guess. I would much rather live in a more exciting place than Aliso Viejo. My Social Studies teacher, Mr. Urquidi, once asked if we would rather live here or South Central L.A. (Los Angeles). I said L.A., and my friend said "L.A.,wearing red or blue and saying 'Crypts are weenies'!" In Aliso Viejo, there is zero night life. In L.A., however, it's like they never shut up! I was out with my cousins dropping off her friend, and these stupid dorks were screaming out of their sunroof -- in Bel-Air!!

All in all, I'd have to say my life is okay, except for the fact that my best friend in the whole entire world is in Iran. It's all her fault that I love Shawn Michaels. BTW, Shawn Michaels is a wrestler for the WWF (World Wrestling Federation). Ayda ( my friend) sort of manipulated me into watching him wrestle. Other than being a phenomenal wrestler, he is a hottie with a body. He makes Brad Pitt look like Steve Urkel.Seriously. Shawn was not only in an episode of Baywatch, he was also in the October issue of "Playgirl" magazine. I saw the pics, and there was no actual nudity, dammit, but that's okay.

So, what kinds of things do you like? My friends always ask "if you could label yourself by the type of nail polish you wear, what color would you be?" and I said I would be a metallic blue, that looks really rad when wet, a pastel sort of purple, to represent my calm easter loving side, and a really wild purple glitter kind, to represent my wild streak. Then I realized that those are the colors I actually have on my nails!

Anyway, it's been really cool talking to you (well not really talking, but you catch my drift) and I hope you mail me back.

Luv always,

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