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New York va Jeek Jeek? (Persian): Late contemporary poet Sohrab Sepehri writes home from the Big Apple. (THE IRANIAN, Dec96/Jan97)

The old man of Kalar Dasht: Experiencing the the unexpected (good) in human nature. By Freya Stark. (THE IRANIAN, Dec96/Jan97)

Weakness replaced by stubbornness: A British scientific team in Kerman finds urban Iranians... not so pleasant. By Anthony Smith. (THE IRANIAN, Dec96/Jan97)

Colors of a Somber Paradise: American painter F. Scott Hess' Iranian sojourn. (THE IRANIAN, Jan/Feb 1996)

Iranian under the veil: An American editor visits "The Country of Flowers and Nightingales." By Robert D. Kaplan . (THE IRANIAN, May/June 1996)

Searching for us: J. Javid looks into an Hungarian community's claim to Iranian ancestry. (THE IRANIAN, Jan/Feb 1996)

The little things in life: Recalling an uncommon day in Tehran. (THE IRANIAN, May/June 1996)

Shomal; The pleasant reality: An American tourist sees only green in Iran's Caspian region. By Stephen Shaffer. (THE IRANIAN, Jan/Feb 1996)

An American in Iran: Stephen Shaffer's writes about his visit to post-revolutionary Iran. (THE IRANIAN, Sept/Oct 1995)

At home with my tribe, the Qashqaies: Memories from a visit to Qashqaie relatives. By Behrouz Bruce Bahmani. (THE IRANIAN, Sept/Oct 1995)

Beyond the Feathers of the Peacock: A South African writes about his trip to Iran. By Hugh Fraser. (THE IRANIAN, Jan/Feb 1996)

Mostaqim!: S. Shaffer on the experience of riding a cab in Iran. (THE IRANIAN, Nov/Dec 1995)

Passing Seasons: S. Shaffer reflects on Iranian hospitality and Iran-U.S. relations. (THE IRANIAN, March/April 1996)

Ali's Sweater: A Mashhadi lends warm clothes to an Australian tourist. By Peter Kiernan (THE IRANIAN, March/April 1996)

Coming to America: My daughter's first visit to the U.S. Does it mean anything? By J. Javid. (THE IRANIAN, May/June 1996)

Mehmoun Navazi -- Iranian Hospitality: Being treated like royalty by a complete stranger in Shomal. By Shabnam Tabibzadeh. (THE IRANIAN, May/June 1996)

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