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Unfortunate son of revolution
If you are living in a free country now, you should pray god and thanks him

By Sina
February 18, 2004 unedited

A reply to "Goodbye Iran!":


(I do not understand if your full name is Anne Irani or not, anyway I read what you wrote and I just want to tell you something.)

I am Sina and I will be 24 years old in coming days! I do not know how old are you but it doesn't matter you are an Iranian and a friend of mine. As it's clear, I was born in 1358 when you know better than me that what happened and what we lost at that dark years. By many foolish people who didnít want to pay anymore for electricity , water,....

And it's funny to see those foolish people   paying for it, not even thousands of times more,
not even living in a country hundreds of years behind the world, but if their water and electricity is running well and if they have enough money to pay to warm their homes(which are waiting for a little earthquake to collapse).

My friend I understand your anger but there is something that you are making mistake of it; I do not know how many years you have lived outside of Iran but it seems you have not been living in Iran for a long time! Alternatively, you were not paying attention to some issues around you.

Like many others I am unfortunately the son of revolution, I have lived in Tehran for 23 years, and I have studied there for 16 years. The main issue is that, you have been paying a lot of attention to Iran and being an Iranian in these times!  First of all those people made you angry were right not to give your children the Iranian passport or nationality, because they are not really Iranians themselves.

They are dirty Arabs occupying our homeland for many years and your generation or your father generation wanted this handover of your country to them, if you were in an age which you went out yourself to cry for freedom in 1350s/1970s so this is yours, if not you are like me and millions of other Iranians.

In a country which you are a Muslim because of your parents and they had the same problem too, and you are not able to read or know about the other religions and you will not be eligible enough to change your religion even when you are 80 years old! What do you want from it?

Why do you like your children to have Iranian nationality when the embassies have a list of GOOD and BAD names? which you can or can not name your children when they are born outside of the country, I strongly recommend you to ask about it and see which names are banned to see that the names of  your ancient Iran's champions who have made you to honor yourself or your children to be Iranian are banned and Arabic names are all OK!!!

I do not know which country you are living now. I just hope you are not living in the Middle East, which is the dirtiest and darkest part of the world because of our lovely religion produce addicts and bitches in Iran, suicide bombers who kill everyone in Palestine and Iraq and dictators, liars and killers in the whole damn region of Middle East.

Believe me that if you are living in a free country now, you should pray god and thanks him that you are there. Grow your children as you have been grown up before revolution 1979 in Iran, and whenever your children want to know why Iran rejects them tell them that like millions of their brothers and sisters around the world they are living outside of their occupied country, until their people free it and that day, not only them but all the Iranians around the world will go back to their country.

-- Teach them Farsi for writing and speaking as its possible, let them learn another language (except Arabic!).
-- Let them learn the culture of living from you and the place they are in, not from their country that there is the jungle culture running.
-- Let them enjoy freedom.
-- Let them breathe clean air instead of Tehran's polluted air.
-- Moreover, let them see Iran as an ancient, civilized country that you tell them.

So when they go back home (very soon) they will be the real Iranians even they can not have Iranian nationality now and you will be the champion because you will have children who are not like my generation which have Iranian nationality. BUT ; without hope, without motivation to live, without having the right to talk in freedom. without any drop of good feeling of our country, without paying respect to any religious law (because we found out what ever they told us were false and lie).Tired, exhausted not proud of being an Iranian and not able to go to countries we deserve to live because we are Iranians!

You talked about the Anger as your children have develped a deep love for a society that won't love them back, it's just the case we don't love that country not that society.

Tell them in this Iran being in prison is honor,
Tell them this occupied country is not a place to love or beeing sad not to be a national of it !

As in our free nation Internet has been filtered on hundreds of websites but you will be able to listen to these links: (1) (2)


May god bless Brave American Soldiers in Iraq .

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