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Why can’t the United States get traction in the Middle East?

It seems every time there is a change in the Middle East, whether it is Iraq and democracy by force, or Arab spring and Egypt or elsewhere, whenever the population at large is free to choose they don’t choose the West.   This shouldn’t be a surprise as the reason is simple enough.  I wish they would choose the West as I know if we can get it there ... Continue reading »

Been Busy

Couple of years ago (almost to the day) I wrote a blog entitled Hard times to find or keep a job.  As it turns out eventually it happened and I’ve been busy dealing with losing my job of many years and finding another job, hopefully I’ll continue to be employed and not start looking for another job anytime soon.   Looking for a new job is like dat ... Continue reading »

سوال از دوستان

دوستان یکی‌ از آشنا‌های ما چند وقت پیش پدرشو از دست داده و مادرش می‌خواد بیاد پیشش زندگی‌ کنه.  خونه به اسم مادرش هستش و میخوان بفروشنش و پولش رو بیارن آمریکا حالا یا برا مادرش یک آپارتمان جدا گانه بخرن یا حالا هرچی‌   از من میپرسیدن چه جوری می‌تونن پول از ایران به آمریکا بیارن.  من نمیدونم الان با این وضع تحریم‌ها و قطع روابط بانکی‌ اصلا می‌شه از ... Continue reading »

God, Shah, Country!

I came across this photo of graduation for Military Afghan women in Herat Afghanistan.  The logo behind them says; God, Country, Duty.   Now back in the day when Shah (of Sunset ;-) was ruling Iran our motto taught in school and posted on walls was; God, Shah, Country!  That's really fucked up, isn't it?!  At the time we were kids and didn't think ... Continue reading »

Munk Debates; Be it resolved the world cannot tolerate an Iran with nuclear weapons capability.

Over the weekend I saw a debate on Public TV about Iran's nuclear ambitions from Munk Debates.  It was conducted in late December, I think Dec 28th, and I don't recall having heard about it on this website as a link or anything.  Maybe it was and I missed it.   Anyway, the question of the debate was; Be it resolved the world cannot tolerate an Ira ... Continue reading »

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