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The History of Zoroastrians after Arab Invasion; Alien in Their Homeland | CAIS ©

By: Dr. Daryoush Jahanian Presented at the North American Zoroastrian Congress in San Francisco 1996 and the World Zoroastrian congress in Houston 2000-2001    Abstract: This is only a fraction of what actually happened to the Zoroastrians after the Arab inva ... Continue reading »

Tajikistan Region: Pamiri Houses & Zoroastrianism

Pamiri houses base their layout, elements and construction on the number seven. Adding to the significance is that the seven elements and features of Pamiri houses are all part of Zoroastrian Heritage. Both view the incorporation of seven elements into their practice as being particularly auspicious (in a more practical sense, organizing life and c ... Continue reading »

The History of medicine in ancient Persia

The history of medicine in Iran is as old and as rich as its civilization. In the Avesta, science and medicine rise above class, ethnicity, nationality, race, gender and religion. Some of the earliest practices of ancient Iranian medicine have been documented in the Avesta and other Zoroastrian religious texts. During the Achaemenid era (559-330 ... Continue reading »

God in The Gathas

GOD IN THE GATHAS   Ali A. Jafarey   Dear companions-in-Asha,   Ushta!   From: Assembly Homepage The section follows Zarathushtra's early life culled from the Gathas and the Pahlavi and Persian accounts:   The priests turned Zarathushtra away unconvinced, and he turned away from the priestly class and their fanciful falsities a ... Continue reading »

Iran Then and Now

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Just some things I have noticed. please feel free to correct, amend or comment:     Symbol   Before  The full sun, 100% light   Now A crescent moon with about 5% light (reflected, not of original source)     Color   Before White for divinity, life and light   Now Black for mourning and death     Calendar   Before Solar, fixed   Now Lunar, goes bac ... Continue reading »

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