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Where on earth?
People looking for long-lost relatives & friends

November 30, 1998
The Iranian

About a year ago we stopped posting messages from people searching for lost fathers, friends or childhood pals. Maintaining the Lost & Found page was difficult and time-consuming. But the messages keep pouring in. We have listed some of the messages received in recent weeks.

There are a lot of people out there looking for that someone special in their lives. Are you that person? Do you know that person? If so, make someone happy -- really happy:

Messages from readers

I am looking for...

- ... my father, Freidoun Pirzadeh
- ... my father Saeed Amini
- ... my father Fereydoun Bonyadi
- ... parents girl abandoned near Shah Abdulazim
- ... my father, Abedi
- ... old friend of mine, Mehrdad Jazayeri
- ... Farhad Khakbaz, a college friend
- ... Mehrdad Rassouli , also called the Big M
- ... a friend of mine, Mehran Sepehri
- ... American School of Isfahan classmates
- ... famous Iranian painter, Mr Niazi
- ... Amir Ataabak High School classmates
- ... an old friend, Hossein Soltanolketabi
- ... Hamid Pishro & Sohrab Amini Khah
- ... my friend Hamid Rafi

 Where to search

- Alumni clubs@

- Alumni groups@

- Alborz high school's official site

- Iranzamin high school's official site

- Abadan's Roya, Babak & 25 Shahrivar schools

-'s lost & found page

* To search for any person on the Internet, go to:

- YAHOO people search

- Lycos

* Seeking: Mehran Sepehri

Mohammad Madani writes:

I am seeking a friend of mine whom I knew in college in Tehran about 20 years ago. I have heard that he is living in the Bay Area near San Francisco, but so far my attempts to locate him have been unsuccessful. His name is Mehran Sepehri. He is one of three brothers, and is the eldest one. If you know of him, can you please find out his address, telephone number, or email address if one is available? Thanks in advance for any help. If you find him, I'll send you asad aafarin card. ;-) Sincerely, Mohammad Madani (513) 353-9533.

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* Seeking: Mehrdad Rassouli writes:

I am looking for Mehrdad Rassouli , also called the Big M. Last seen in Tehran 1979. We were good friends and would love to hear from him again. His family was from Sanandaj, brother fought in Olympics as boxer for Iran. Please, if anyone shoud have any information contact me. Thank You, Khali mam noon.

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* Seeking: Hossein Soltanolketabi

Peggy Belton writes:

I am an American and looking for an old friend from college. His name was Hossein Soltanolketabi. He is originally from Isfahan and may have returned there after his studies. I was hoping that you may be able to assist me in locating him. I wanted to say thanks to him for introducing me to the Persian culture. He lived in Iowa and later Texas during the years 1977-85 and 1985-88 respectively. Thanks for any assistance, Peggy.

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* Seeking: American School of Isfahan alumni

Douglas Barton writes:

My name is Douglas Barton. I attended American School of Isfahan and Carr School from 1972-1976. Looking for any classmates from that time. Teacher 3rd grade-Mr. Taylo. Classmates Darlene Rood, Kelly Tetesky, Diane Lindsey, David Barney, Jerry McDonald to name a few. Anyone that might know any of their whereabouts or any sites or web links please email me at: Thank you very much.

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* Seeking: Niazi, painter writes:

I am looking for famous Iranian painter by the name of Mr Niazi. I heard he is in the United States. Do you have any ideas where I can find him? Thank you.

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* Seeking: Saeed Amini

Julie Dale Marks writes:

I am trying to find my father Saeed Amini who lived in Denver Colorado in 1980. My mother told me he last saw us when I was four months old. I would really like some help to find him I don't want to interfere with his life but I would like some help finding out about my family history. My father was orginally from Tehran. He came to the U.S. in or about 1979. Please help.

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* Seeking: Abedi

Andrea Abedi writes:

My name is Andrea Abedi. I am from New Mexico but my father is Iranian. I have never met him. He went back to Iran in 1978. I am looking and keep finding dead ends. If you could give me some suggestions you can reach me at I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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* Seeking: Amir Ataabak alumni

Mohammad Reza Fallah writes:

My name is Mohammad Reza Fallah, and I attended Amir Ataabak High School, also known as Dr. Mahmood Shimi, in 70's and early 80's. Life is too short, live it to the max -- and contact me.

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* Seeking: Parents of abandoned child

Owjan Pour Metrahi writes:

On the18th of Bahman 1349 (February 1971) an infant girl, approximately 7-30 days old, was found near Shah Abdulazim mosque in Tehran. If anybody knows anything regarding this matter; for instance if you know a couple with a missing or kidnapped baby, or if you recall anything about a similar incident, please contact me. The smallest piece of information would help. Thank you for your cooperation and kindness.

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* Seeking: Freidoun Pirzadeh writes:

I am trying to locate my biological father, a man named Freidoun Pirzadeh. As I write these words I am staring at a 4x6 color photo of a man, taken when he was around 41 years old, roughly my current age. The resemblance between us is unmistakable: same eyes, mouth, same posture we adopt to face the world. A few notes on the back of the photo reveal his identify: Freidoun (Fred) Pirzadeh, Tehran (Iran), November 1968. What's missing is the word "father." This photo, along with a few other items -- the cover of his Master's thesis from the University of California, Berkeley, a marriage and later divorce certificate, a note written by the Iranian Embassy in '68 saying they have no record of such a person -- are all that I have managed to collect about my father.

My search started over twenty years ago and I am still trying to locate him. If alive, Freidoun would be 72 years old. I am not even sure if Freidoun knows of my existence or other facts about me, for instance my name -- Pamela Bloch. I was put up for adoption by my natural mother, Anita Yeager, who may not have told him of my birth.

These are some of the details I know about Freidoun: His father's name was Noured-din Pirzadeh and his mother's was Ghamar Sheybani. He was married to Elma Davis in June of 1956 who he divorced nine years later and with whom he had at least one son. Later he married an Iranian whose name I don't know. He has had numerous jobs related to journalism, including working at the University of Tehran, producing literature for the Ministry of Information, and editing the Tehran Journal.

In the early 70's he worked as a press attaché in the Iranian Embassy in Rome and later worked as private secretary to the Princess Ashraf. The only address I have for him is from 1969 when he was living at the home of his mother: Pahlavi Ave., 21 Elahi Street, Tehran, Iran.

The heart of my search is not to cast blame or responsibility or force any kind of unnatural reconciliation. Rather it is an instinctive impulse which drives me towards him, a feeling that I am returning to something that is mine. For what I really see when I look at the photo of my father is myself. If you have any information regarding Freidoun Pirzadeh, please let me know.

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* Seeking: Farhad Khakbaz

John Buonasora writes:

I am attempting to find a friend, who went to college with me some time ago. In 1976, I attended Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont, USA. I had a roommate who was attending the university on behalf of the Imperial Iranian Navy, he was a member of approximately 30 Navy midshipment from Iran attending Norwich University. I had him join my family for our Thanksgiving dinner in my parents home that year in Connecticut. His name was Farhad Khakbaz, I have a picture somewhere if need be I can find it and send it. However it is almost 20 years old now. My name is John Buonasora. In 1978 he was sent back to Iran along with the rest of the group by President Jimmy Carter, in response to the hostage crisis. I would very much like to contact him to see how he is, recount old times and just establish a friendship. If you can be of assitance I would greatly appreciate your help. Any info on how else I may proceed would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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* Seeking: Hamid Pishro & Sohrab Amini Khah writes:

Ba dorud bar hame-ye Iranian. I am looking for my friends Hamid Pishro & Sohrab Amini Khah from Razi High School in Teheran.

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* Seeking: Hamid Rafi

Rezai writes:

I'm looking for my friend Hamid Rafi. I have not heard of him for 14 years. If you've got his adress please send it to me. Thank you very much.

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* Seeking: Fereydoun Bonyadi

Tanya Parham writes:

Hello my name is Fereydoun Paknejad. My father's name is Fereydoun Bonyadi. He was deported back to Iran a couple of weeks before I was born. His family lives in Abadan. He was sent back during the Iran-Iraq war and I have never met him. I would like to find him or his family. If you could possibly help I would appreciate it. Thanks, Fereydoun.

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* Seeking: Mehrdad Jazayeri

Ali Khamene writes:

I am looking for old friend of mine, Mehrdad Jazayeri. He is about 27 years old. We were classmates at Sharif University of Technology class of 68. I am not sure if he is out of Iran or not, but if you know his family or know where he is residing, I would appreciate any information. My email address is

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