Feb/March 1997 THE IRANIAN Issue No. 9

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When thinking about Iranian painters, one that often comes to mind is Kamalolmolk, the late Qajar artist. Farshchian, the master of miniature, is another. Or Iran Daroudi, the modern painter. But no one thinks of Ali Dadgar. So why should he be on a cover of a magazine? Because journalism is not about recycling. It's about news. It's about fresh people and ideas.

For how long are we going to read about Sadeq Hedayat? Or Hafez? Or Shamlou? Or even Mosaddeq? There's a lot of great talent out there and they deserve recognition. Let's give them a chance.

J. Javid

Covers of past issues of THE IRANIAN

Cover:Dec95No. 8: Paree, Shireen, Lailee and Parveen Bakhtiar. Tehran circa 1935.

Cover of issue No. 7No. 7: Peeshang at grandmother's house in Shiraz, 1989. Photo by J. Javid.

Cover of issue No. 6 No. 6: Local man at Babolsar beach, Caspian Sea, 1995. Photo by J. Javid.

Cover of issue No. 5 No. 5: Mahdiyeh Javid at Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC, 1994. Photo by J. Javid.

Cover of issue No. 4 No. 4: Race track in Turkaman Sahra, circa 1995. Photo by Ali Rahbar.

Cover of issue No. 3 No. 3: Samira Sinai, Tehran 1994. Photo by Gizella Varga Sinai.

Cover of issue No. 2 No. 2: Siyoseh Pol Bridge, Isfahan, circa 1994. Photo by Mahdi Mon'em.

Cover of issue No. 1 No. 1: Mahdiyeh Javid in Alborz valley northeast of Tehran, circa 1991. Photo by J. Javid

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