Sizdah Bedar in Vesona Park, Los Gatos, California. April 6, 1997.


By J. Javid
Berkeley, California

It was my first Sizdah Bedar outting in God knows how many years. Seven, eight? The last one I remember was in the late 80s. I was with my pal Khosrow, his wife Yassaman, their kids and her family. We crammed into two Paykans and drove for an hour towards the east. We found a green spot in Jajrud, surrounded by short, narrow trees, where three or four famillies were sitting on the edges of their least valuable carpets, feasting on Sabzee Polo Mahi.

A few months later, I left Tehran for the States. For good.

After living in New Mexico and New York, with very modest Noruz gatherings with family and friends, I was anxious to see a large Iranian crowd in my new home in northern California's Bay Area. I had been told that I would be seeing thousands of Iranians in Vesona Park in Los Gatos. But I still couldn't believe my eyes. The only word I could think of to describe this Sizdah Bedar was "Qiyaamat".

I walked around for hours taking pictures. Here are a few:

Nima Nikuie ties a knot
True best male dancer
Best male dancer; ladies' choice
Best female dancer. Period
Best dancing couples (1) - (2)
Kabab, kabab
Tea after kabab
Playing cards
Collecting cash for the Ardabil earthquake victims
Young man caught fighting over a girl
Families in the park
Mehrdad Farhang-nia and family
My pals
Shadi Ziaie: Lots of spit
Three generations
The Bandari band
Sohail Kuchulu
Kuchulu's not-so-kuchulu car
Squeezing in. Holding on
Kaveh Nikpour films for local Pars TV station
No place to park
Ariana and her mom